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Officially Selected for the Festival Season 

June 2024

Off Course by Ginger Winn

Off Course by Ginger Winn


Mikala Gallo, Brooklyn Zeh


Tina Baione


Selected for the following category(s)

Best Music Video

"Off Course" provides escapists with a path towards self-discovery as it encourages listeners to slip away from the present moment and into a dream world of their making. Winn says, "It also serves as an invitation to the listener to join in on the escape–hop on this wild carousel ride and let go off course together to discover the journey we've been on all along. As the first song on the album, it sets the tone for every song that follows and introduces all the themes, textures, and ideas the listeners and I will explore together on 'STOP-MOTION.'"

 Its accompanying video directed by Mikala Gallo and Brooklyn Zeh is the absorbing visual component to the dreamworld that Winn crafts with the track. On the video's concept, Winn shares, "In the video, I’m happily pulled into an alternative magical reality by my fairy friends. I feel like my thoughts are pulling me away, in the same way, from what I feel stuck doing to what I’m supposed to be doing, and being surrounded by people who support and inspire me in this new path."

 Gallo adds, "Using overlays and dynamic lighting to enhance its narrative, 'Off Course' takes you on an enthralling and emotionally resonant journey. We used both Super 8 motion film and digital video to deepen the emotional impact of the video creating a dreamlike reality for the viewer." Gallo made deliberate choices to emphasize the song's overall message. The director adds, "The artistic choices in the video underscore the song’s message: that even when we deviate from the expected path, the connections we make in friendship and the warmth of shared experiences can guide us to where we truly belong.” On the directors' goals, Zeh says, "We wanted to capture the essence of finding yourself while getting lost, both in nature and in life.”

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