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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Welcome to the Touchstone Independent Film Festival, an international celebration of independent short films from all over the world. Our festival is dedicated to showcasing the best and most innovative work of independent filmmakers, and we are proud to offer a platform for these talented artists to share their unique stories with a global audience.

We welcome filmmakers from every corner of the globe to submit their work to our festival. We offer awards in various categories recognizing the outstanding achievements of filmmakers in areas such as storytelling, cinematography, editing, and sound design.

Our festival is committed to promoting the work of aspiring filmmakers by sharing their movie stills, synopses and awards received in addition to public online streaming of trailers and VIP interviews through our social media presence. We believe that independent filmmaking is a vital part of our cultural landscape, and we are honored to provide a platform for these voices to be heard.

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