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Officially Selected for the Festival Season 

May 2024

Spells Before Destiny

Spells Before Destiny







Selected for the following category(s)

Best Musical Short, Best Experimental Short

"Spell Before Destiny" is the introduction and first section of AKISAI's musical "This is Love", a short musical film. 

Shiny, a strict and sensitive architect, and Aroma, a bright and popular product designer, meet on a new construction project. Shiny's childhood friend Eva runs the show club EVAZ. Tonight, troubled people visit Eva again. She sings a spell to cheer someone up tonight. Aroma's fiancée, Jacqueline, and Natalie, an architect, are neither friends nor directly acquainted. Each has different feelings, different lives, different everything, but they sing the same spell. 

One night, Aroma and Shiny, who have only known each other a short time, are hard at work on a new construction project. "What kind of child were you?" Aroma, who grew up in an orphanage, asked Shiny such a question. The two shared memories of their childhood. It was an irreplaceable "escape" and a time of peace for them as children. The spell they sang as children is evoked. And ”Destiny” is in motion. 

The musical number "I am your special one" was selected as the Best Original Song at the 8th Music Film Festival, and "Imagination" was a semi-finalist at the 9th Music Film Festival for Best film soundtrack on any subject. 

The song "Game Of My Life" won Best Song In A Short Film at Mokkho International Film Festival, Jul, 2023 and TRILOKA International Filmfare Awards, Oct - Nov, 2023. 

Music, directing, script writing, producing, editing, performance, singing, arranging, costume coordination, hair and makeup, etc. were all done by AKISAI.

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