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Officially Selected for the Festival Season 

April 2024

TIME II: Unfinished Business

TIME II: Unfinished Business


Fox Rich


Rob G. Rich, Daniel Lafrentz, Joshua Montreal


Rob G. Rich, Daniel Lafrentz, Joshua Montrel

Selected for the following category(s)

Best Documentary Feature
TIME II Unfinished Business witnesses the return of the love-bound protagonists of the Oscar-nominated documentary, TIME (2020). Sibil Fox and Robert Richardson are back, ready to share the next chapter of their journey in their unique and unapologetic voices in this gripping, no-holds-barred tale of love and justice. TIME II Unfinished Business plunges us headfirst into the aftermath of their fight for freedom. Rob's release from Angola after 21 grueling years only marked the beginning. The battle rages on for their nephew and fall partner, Ontario, who remains unjustly imprisoned. Fueled by their newfound freedom, Fox and Rob confront the brutal realities that come with their unwavering commitment to liberate their nephew and honor the sacred promise they made to Rob's sister over two decades ago - to bring her baby boy home. TIME II Unfinished Business thrusts you into a world of raw emotion, unyielding determination, and the relentless pursuit of freedom. The film is an unflinching view of the lengths these extraordinary individuals will go to in order to alter their family's fate and rewrite the course of history.
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