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Officially Selected for the Festival Season 

March 2024

The HoodTrophy Bino Story: Breaking the Generational Curse

The HoodTrophy Bino Story:  Breaking the Generational Curse


Sam "Gebar" Gebremiche


Star Soltan


Selected for the following category(s)

Best Documentary Short
Dive into the captivating narrative of HoodTrophy Bino - a California hip-hop artist from the projects of South Central and Palmdale, discovered by Soulja Boy in jail, and destined to overcome the generational curse of poverty and incarceration plaguing all of the males in his immediate and extended family. Bino opens up about the trials and triumphs that shaped his life - offering insights into the challenges of growing up in a tough environment. From overcoming adversity to pursuing his dreams, Bino shares poignant stories that resonate with authenticity and resilience. Join us as we explore the powerful narrative of self-discovery, perseverance, and breaking free from the chains of the past. Don't miss out on this inspiring tale of transformation into a Trophy!
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