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Officially Selected for the Festival Season 

March 2024

I Want To Live

I Want To Live


Yunus Şevik


Yunus Şevik


Esma Şevik

Selected for the following category(s)

Best Drama Feature, Best Director

The movie "I Want to Live", which was realized as a result of the "If You Tell It, It Will Become a Movie" program that reached 25 million people in the digital world, brings to the big screen the real life story of Sevgi Görmez, who has been trying to survive since her childhood, full of ups and downs. 

For the first time, the life of a commoner was made into a movie thanks to a programme. Sevgi Görmez has struggled to survive with a special pain and struggle in order to stand tall against betrayal and pure evil in every period of her life, including childhood. This film reveals how a woman clings to life from the 1970s to the present day, how strong a mother can be when it comes to her own children, and appears as a period film covering her childhood and teenage years. 

The drama film "I Want to Live", which we will see from the award-winning film director Yunus Şevik's frame, will remain a hope and light in everyone, and you will witness the events in tears. She Does Not Receive Love... the tragic story of a woman who, as her name suggests, does not receive love...

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