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Officially Selected for the Festival Season 

February 2024

Two Horizons

Two Horizons


Carlos Andres Reyes


Angélica Nieves


Carlos Andres Reyes

Selected for the following category(s)

Best Microfilm

On opposite sides of two mountains, separated by a deep ravine, two neighborhoods flourish. In each corner, a boy and a girl yearn to bond, but an unbridgeable chasm prevents them from connecting. The boy, in a gesture of hope, tries to lift a kite that hurtles across to the other side, where the young girl resides, only to become entangled in the suspended electrical grids. 

As the years progress, the children, now adults, continue their separate lives. However, the young man, now imbued with ingenuity, rediscovers the ancient kite string. With determination, he communicates with his former friend, now a renowned engineer. Together, they devise a daring venture: to employ the old string to establish a means of communication. 

With each thread exchanged across the ravine, the connection is strengthened. The thin strands become sturdy cables, and a bridge is born of their shared ingenuity. This bridge not only links the two childhood friends, but also their respective communities. As inventions flow and intertwine, once isolated neighborhoods reap the rewards of collaboration, ushering in a future full of possibilities.

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