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Officially Selected for the Festival Season 

February 2024

Red-end and the Factory Plant

Red-end and the Factory Plant


Robin Noorda, Bethany de Forest


Erik Schut


Robin Noorda

Selected for the following category(s)

Best Stop Motion Short
Red-end and the Factory Plant is the 2nd stop motion animation film in the 'Arthropod tales' series. The story is inspired by the method to feed gooses in order to produce 'foie gras'. In our film carnivorous and loudly burping pitcher plants are being stuffed at a plantation. Next they are harvested and processed at a factory plant into cans of spam. Our hero Red-end jeopardises it all in his attempt to save his friend who got stuck in one of the pitcher plants. It is a steam punk magical realistic film of 15' dazzling motion control camera movements in stunning sets and amazingly animated arthropods.
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