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Award Winner

Festival Season:

June 2024

Frosting by Ginger Winn

Frosting by Ginger Winn



Mikala Gallo
Matthew Baione, Tina Baione


Tina Baione

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Awarded Category(s)

Music video for the song Frosting showing the making of the album cover for Ginger Winn's debut album produced by David Baron. Ginger and David make the actual album cover by hand in this video filmed at Early Terrible in Woodstock.

Submitter Statement

in my early adolescent years and continued into college. Originally, I went to school for my BFA in photography, but played it “safe” by switching into sociology. In college I had the resources to explore B&W film, fell inlove, and discovered how meditative a dark room is. For over 12+ years I’ve been viewing the world through a framed perspective, camera in hand. For me, photography has always been an outlet for creative expression and inspiration. I LOVE photographing people and I feel most in my element when doing so. It seriously gets me so excited!

Key Cast

Ginger Winn

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