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June 2024

Golden Era: The Legacy of Bob Morrow

Golden Era: The Legacy of Bob Morrow



Scott Charles Newman


Scott Charles Newman, Rosemary Baptista

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Golden Era: The Legacy of Bob Morrow, is a look back at one of the city of Hamilton, ON, Canada's greatest Mayors, Bob Morrow. Consisting of interviews with politicians, family, friends, and Hamilton citizens, the program details who this great man was and why he touched so many people. Also look for amazing and rare stock footage of Bob along with never before seen photos and news articles, which help to tell Bob's story.

Submitter Statement

Every film I make is a unique and life affirming journey and that is what makes them so special. This film Golden Era: The Legacy of Bob Morrow was no different. Living in the world of this fantastic person and Leader Bob Morrow has forever changed me for the better and gave me so much direction as I navigate my way through each new challenge. For that I am grateful.

Newman is a tested professional in the world of Canadian entertainment. After leaving McMaster University's Drama program Scott earned a media arts degree from Sheridan College; Newman writes, directs, edits, creates special effects and does nearly everything else in between. After graduating Scott spent 5 years on the set of the highly eclectic Red Green Show working alongside its Director and learning directly from the man himself, Red Green, (Steve Smith).


When Steve Smith retired Scott was hired by CBC news and quickly rose through the ranks, working with Peter Mansbridge, Adrienne Arsenault, and Wendy Mesley on Documentary and Feature Stories for CBC’s flagship news program, The National, getting nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for editing. After an exhilarating 9 years on The National Newman then spent 6 years editing for Global’s investigative news program "16x9" and "The New Reality" where his work was submitted and helped them successfully win their first Canadian Screen Award for Best News and Information program.

 During his time working for the cream of the crop of Canadian Broadcasters Scott started his own production company in 2012 (White Dwarf Pictures) along with Hamilton Industrialist, entrepreneur and actor Victor Bohm. Together they created a reality television show pilot titled “Biblical Proportions”. In the last 7 years Scott has also wrote and directed numerous short films, edited two documentaries with Oscar winner Emma Thompson and renowned actor Danny Glover and worked for Vice News editing the feature doc, "The Soldiers of Odin: Inside Canada's Extremist Vigilante Group". He also Produced his own documentary "The Water Ceremony", a one hour long journey into a spiritual water gathering at an indigenous lodge outside Winnipeg in Manitoba featuring Hollywood actor Bill Pullman.

 In 2020 Scott released his first feature film titled "Hell or Tide Water", a thrilling undersea action film with a sequel currently in pre-production. Scott also has just finished the documentary titled Golden Era: The Legacy of Bob Morrow, which is a look back on one of Scott's longest serving hometown Mayor's Bob Morrow.

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