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June 2024

The Passion of Mahmoud

The Passion of Mahmoud



Davoud Abdolmaleki
Davoud Abdolmaleki


Davoud Abdolmaleki

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Mahmoud has a very difficult life. However, he pursues his dreams on the border between reality and fantasy. Mahmoud has a domineering attitude towards the women in his family but in fact he is haunted by past memories and wanders on the border between reality and fantasy.

Submitter Statement

Reality is the source of documentary inspiration. The filmmaker disrupts this reality in such a way that another reality is created. This new reality can be elevated to art in its truest sense.
Davoud Abdolmaleki Born in 1979 Cinema instructor and documentary maker Member of the Iranian Cinema Documentary Association Member of Iranian Youth Cinema Association The Passion of Mahmoud has been shortlisted for the 13th China Documentary Academy Awards and Nominated for the Best Documentary Award at the 25th Shanghai International Film Festival 2023.

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