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June 2024

Radics Béla a megátkozott gitáros

Radics Béla a megátkozott gitáros



Gábor Klacsán
Gábor Klacsán, László Szentesizöldi


Gábor Klacsán

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The cursed man - this is not only the title of Béla Radics' most famous song, but also the name of the creators of the film that is currently being made, to be shown in October. The idea of ​​a feature film interwoven with documentary elements was born years ago by the two screenwriters, and then the director Gábor Klacsán and his team realized the idea. Béla Radics still divides the eyewitnesses of the past: some see him as a national hero, others criticize his talent and remind him of the more unpleasant episodes of his biography. The current film does not share the truth, but it tries to be objective. It is a worthy memorial to perhaps the most important personality of Hungarian rock music, the first Hungarian guitar hero, who still evokes important memories today by representing the greats of Hendrix, Cream and progressive rock music of the time.

Submitter Statement

Gábor Klacsán is a Hungarian filmmaker who is known for directing documentary films such as Wulsani - together with the Death,Partisan Love, Hungarians in Vietnam War, He also directed the "Béla Radics - The cursed Guitarist" "biographical "Rock & Roll film" starring Zsolt Trill, Attila Király, Zoltán Rák. Trade Mark: Often Works in East-Europe. Magic Realism and Rock and Roll. War documentrary. Trivia: Completed his graduate studies at SIU Mass Media-Television (1997). As an undergraduate student at ELTE University he double majored in Humanities with sociology and politicial science, and in Communication with an emphasis in film and journalism.

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