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June 2024

Your Second Sun

Your Second Sun



Barbara Fritz
Barbara Fritz


Barbara Fritz

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The short film revolves around the early connection between a mother and her child. The first seven years are crucial in a child’s life, as this is when patterns are established and personality begins to take shape. Until a mature personality emerges, the child acts as a mirror. In certain ancient cultures, children stayed with their mothers until the age of 7, after which boys transitioned into the company of men, embarking on a step-by-step initiation. The film explores this relationship from the child’s perspective: when time perception is not fully developed yet, logic is somewhat irrational, and emotions and instincts are strong. 

The pictures are generated by AI and animated by using several AI softwares.

Submitter Statement

"Your Second Sun" a cinematic exploration of the primal bond between a mother and her child. During the first seven years of life, when neural pathways are etched and character traits take root, this film explores the delicate dance of affect and reflection.


Synopsis: In a world where time twists and memories intertwine, we can witness the unfolding of a child's consciousness. The young protagonist, unnamed but universally known, looks to their mother—the original sun that warms their existence. Every gesture, every whispered lullaby is engraved in the child's soul like waves on a calm pond. The most important thing a mother can provide at this age is emotional security. If this is missing, it leaves a lasting mark on the child.

 Mirror of childhood: As the child grows, it becomes a mirror – a reflection of the mother's hopes, fears and, last but not least, her mental heath/illness . Their laughter echoes his joy and their tears carry the weight of his unspoken sorrow. And the mother sees herself again through the eyes of her creature.

 In cultures long past, children remained cradled in maternal warmth in the first 7 years. Then, like fledglings leaving the nest, boys embarked on a transformative journey. Guided by elders, they stepped into the company of men—a gradual initiation into the mysteries of life.

 Second Sun: In addition to the mother's warmth, her Sun, a Second Sun emerges - the child's own inner fire, fueled by the mother's emotions, reaction, teachings and the indelible bond between them.

 The AI technology: The film was made with the help of generative AI over the last 7 months in small details. First, I created the visual world with the help of Midjourney, using different techniques to create the dreamlike world that children live in at this age. The animation was done in several software, mainly in Haiper (which is still in beta, so the use of the logo is legally required), in addition PIKA, Kaiber, Lensgo, Runway Gen2 software also helped in the animation. For cutting and VFX, AI tools built into the video editor made the work efficient (character recognition, polishing, AIsmartcut).

 Since the image quality of AI animations rarely reaches HD quality, AI software is also needed to get an enjoyable 4K resolution after the enhance and upscale functions. Since almost every second is designed individually and the well-done ones have to be selected from among the many images and animations, this workflow - in addition to striving for quality - is not fast at all, less than 5-10% of the images and videos will be used and finally only a fraction of them ends up in the film.

I was born in Hungary, and I currently live here with my family. My original profession is in economist, and I specialize in international corporate finance, particularly financial controlling for European subsidiaries. Alongside my work, I’ve always been passionate about the arts – I paint, draw, engage in handicrafts, and write short stories.


In 2023, to prepare for my child’s school years and to keep up with the technology surrounding their generation, I delved into the world of artificial intelligence. I became particularly interested in the generative AI, specifically image generation. As animation programs evolved and they were able to make a motion pictures (img-to-vid, text-to-vid), I transitioned to creating short videos and films.

 As a member of the Hungarian image prompter community (Prompters Hungary), I participated in creating a collaborative film. The film, titled “Downgrade,” was produced in January 2024. I wrote the screenplay and actively contributed to designing scenes and the visual world. Our film received two awards in the AI short film category: the Audience Award at the Budapest International AI Film Festival and the Best AI Short award at the Touchstone Independent Film Festival in April 2024.

 Currently, we’ve established an AI film studio within the image generation community. Operating under the name AIllusionStudio, as a starting team, we have 22 members. Our community includes beginners, AI-savvy programmers/IT specialists, as well as actors, voice actors, and 3D modelers experienced in filmmaking.

 Through the use of AI, we see significant opportunities in creating visually rich films without extensive traditional shooting. We enthusiastically track technological advancements week by week while collaboratively working on films or advertisements. Within this community, I primarily represent the artistic side—I write screenplays, direct, and keep a close eye on AI festivals. Additionally, alongside continuous AI learning, I’ve delved into mastering 3D modeling.

 The fusion of AI and filmmaking opens up exciting possibilities, allowing us to explore new creative realms and push the boundaries of storytelling. As we embrace this journey, we remain committed to crafting captivating narratives that resonate with audiences worldwide.

 I make videos in the studio under my own name and write blogpost and videos independently under the stage name FacingMirrors.

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