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June 2024

Walking the Walk

Walking the Walk



Donal Moloney
Donal Moloney


Donal Moloney

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A father of three young children is left heartbroken when their lives are cut short by their mother. Walking the Walk is the story of Andrew McGinley's struggle to rebuild his life and leave a legacy for his children through three projects he set up in their name.

Submitter Statement

Making this documentary was a tough but very rewarding experience. "Walking the Walk" is a poignant and deeply moving story that centers on Andrew McGinley, a father of three young children whose lives were tragically cut short by their mother. Left heartbroken, Andrew embarks on a journey of immense resilience and determination to rebuild his life. The narrative delves into his struggles and his profound love for his children, which drives him to establish three meaningful projects in their memory.

 These projects serve as a testament to his children's lives and his unyielding commitment to ensuring their legacy endures. Through "Walking the Walk," viewers will witness Andrew's remarkable transformation from grief to purpose, exploring themes of loss, love, and the power of human spirit. This story is not only a tribute to his children but also an inspiring tale of how one man turned unimaginable tragedy into a beacon of hope and remembrance.

Donal Moloney is a Filmmaker and photographer based in Dublin, Ireland.

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Andrew McGinley

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