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June 2024

Core City

Core City



Corban Aspegren


Josefina Saldana, Corban Aspegren

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Helen Taylor started Core City CrossFit Kids, as a non-profit after school program, in June of 2021. The sport is known to be expensive and not as accessible to lower income communities. Through resilience, partnerships and a little bit of love and kindness, the non-profit program has brought not only the sport of CrossFit to the kids, but has rallied others around them nationwide. Bringing to light the importance of kids mental and physical health, after school programs for communities and empowering the next generation of kids and athletes to be who they want to be.

Submitter Statement

Thank you so much for your consideration of this new project, "Core City." This project was a very special one for me and my team. It brings to light the importance of children's mental, and physical health in all communities. The cast of people and kids are inspiring and I was so excited to tell their story. I hope you feel what I felt when making the film: joy, love and the urge to be a difference in your community no matter what, after watching "Core City."

Corban is a Director of Photography with a wide range of experience spanning thirteen years in the entertainment industry. He has a BFA in Cinematic Arts Production with an emphasis in Cinematography from Azusa Pacific University. While living in Los Angeles, Corban worked for Alcon Entertainment and MTV, starting his film career working on various shorts, TV shows and music videos.

  In 2015, Corban was offered a position as a Video and Show Control Engineer at The Walt Disney Company in Orlando, FL to develop a brand-new nighttime spectacular, Rivers of Light, at Disney's Animal Kingdom until 2017. From 2017-2020 Corban worked as an in-house film producer and director of photography for a production company while jump-starting his freelance career on the side. Corban now resides in Dallas, TX as a full time Director of Photography, and Gaffer. He loves to do passion projects that highlight stories that deserve to be told, and is continuously looking for more everyday.

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