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June 2024





Cristián Parodi
Cristián Parodi


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Do we all have faith in something? I wonder what happens to us when our expectations are not met. I made this short film to show the disappointment of faith, which is not exclusively religious. With that idea in mind, I imagined Jesus in that situation.


What would happen if he repented of what his father ordered him to do, to die to save mankind? What would be his inner reflections and conflicts? Would he be willing to give up his role as the repository of hope and faith?

 The Confession of Christ attempts to answer these questions by presenting Jesus as an ordinary man, tormented by his contradictions at a crucial moment in his life. In the first person, he recounts the circumstances that fate imposed on him and his doubts about whether he should be the spiritual guide of a large part of humanity.

Submitter Statement

I am a writer and filmaker. I recently finished writing my third novel The Last Winds of Autumn. A great story that I hope to transform into a short film. 

As a filmmaker, I am the author of three short films. My latest work, Narrated Stories, has won several awards at film festivals during 2022. 

During 2023, I started to immerse myself in the world of AI to learn how to use the latest tools in audiovisual content creation. That learning, along with my skills as a writer and filmmaker, allowed me to make "The Confession of Christ": a micro short film made 100% with those tools.

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