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Award Winner

Festival Season:

May 2024

Full & Final

Full & Final



Sohit Khanna
Sohit Khanna


Ajay Rai

Run Time:


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Awarded Category(s)

A nice man gets sick of chasing his ex-boss for his pending salary. He decides to change his ways and inadvertently ends up inspiring his housemaid to do something crazy.

Submitter Statement

Based on my repeated experiences of pending payments and feeling sheerly helpless dealing with unfair film producers Full & Final was born out of outrage. This short film and the journey of making it turned out to be immensely cathartic and wonderfully satisfying.

 I wanted to speak about an everyday injustice with a dark-comedic tone. What happens when a "nice" man decides to "get tough" to get what is rightfully his? He ends up in a bigger mess made worse by his overthinking self-doubting temperament. Along with the comedic narrative, the film also brushes upon class, money-driven privilege and morality-driven anxieties as themes.

Sohit Khanna works as a Screenwriter & Creative Director in Mumbai. He has worked as a commissioned writer for long-form fiction content for some of the most reputed Indian studios namely Red Chillies, Endemol Shine & Jar Pictures. He was part of the writers’ room at Drishyam Films and Disney-India as a fiction writer. His previous short film Spellbound commissioned by LXL Ideas, a horror-comedy was selected for Chicago International Children's Film Festival & Sharjah Film Festival among others. Currently, he is trying to make his debut feature film which like the genre of the film is turning out to be a dark comedy.


Key Cast

Prakhar Singh, Tuhina Vohra

Other Credits

Music Composer: Ishaan Chhabra

Cinematographer: Saket Gyani

Editor: Manendra Lodhi

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