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May 2024





David Smith
David Smith


David Smith, Paul Breen

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Set in the Southwest of England, 'BLUE' delves into the story of two fishermen, John Winter and his son, Charlie, as they grapple with the hardships of sustaining their livelihood on a small commercial fishing boat. Their relationship undergoes profound challenges, and both must navigate obstacles in their own distinct ways.

Submitter Statement

It took me over a year to craft this screenplay, a journey that involved countless hours spent in various coffee shops and many moments of contemplation and reflection by the sea. Yet, I cannot express how fulfilled I feel with the final draft of the screenplay — a rare sentiment for any writer. This particular screenplay has proven to be my most challenging endeavor to date, not due to its structure or length, but primarily because of the intricacies of the characters' journeys. 

Achieving the right emotional depth without resorting to overt or clichéd storytelling was imperative to the impact of the narrative, and it required considerable effort to strike that delicate balance. However, navigating through this process has been deeply rewarding, and I am immensely proud of the result.

I am a filmmaker based in the South West of England, currently wearing two hats, one as an independent filmmaker and also as an educator of film and media studies. Outside of teaching, I dedicate myself to producing narrative films, believing it's crucial to remain engaged with the industry I teach and an industry and art form that I love so much.

Key Cast

Paul Breen

Alfie Noble

Diane Lukins

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