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May 2024

A Bold Journey

A Bold Journey



Cate Celso


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Following in the footsteps of a Northern California hiker who has been blazing his own trail for decades.

Submitter Statement

Several years ago after arriving in Northern California, I joined Tom's hiking group. I found his knowledge of the landscape and the hiking hidden gems an exciting way to explore nature. Tom is a true maverick before mavericks were cool. I found his independent spirit, resilience and ability to bring people together so inspiring that I reached out to ask him if I could tell his story. So honored he agreed.
Originally from the Boston area, Cate is an award winning filmmaker currently based in Sausalito, CA. She has worked several years in both live action and animation film production. She began writing, producing and directing short films in 2012 and continues to build her body of work as a director.

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