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May 2024

Searching for the Paradise on Earth

Searching for the Paradise on Earth



Sam Osmanagich
Sam Osmanagich


Sam Osmanagich

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Awarded Category(s)

Anthropologist Dr Sam Osmanagich is searching for the Lost Paradise on Earth, Land of Immortality, where supreme deity Enki lived for thousand of years. Has he found it in the beautiful Kingdom of Bahrain?

Submitter Statement

Change yourself and you will change the World.
Dr Sam Osmanagich is an anthropologist, ancient civilization researcher, author, internationally acclaimed speaker and movie director. His documentary 'Most Unique Energy Park in Europe' was an official winner of the festival 'The Golden City Gate 2020' in Berlin. His second documentary 'Miracle in the Heart of Bosnia' (2024) was a winner at three festivals (Robinson Film Awards, Accolade Global Film Competition, Your Way International Film), Nominee at the two film festivals (Art Film Spirit, European Cinema Film) and selected at the ten festivals (Tokyo, San Antonio, Berlin, Paris, etc.).

Key Cast

Sam Osmanagich

Other Credits

Ass. Camera: Mahdi Al Jallawi

Edit: Nusret Smajovic

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