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May 2024

Sit With It

Sit With It



Manav Shah
Christophine Opsetmoen


Sahil Verma

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Awarded Category(s)

A middle-aged man on the brink of divorce gets stalked by a blue chair that refuses to go away.

Submitter Statement

Sit With It is a dramedy that explores the idea that emotional healing can be achieved by facing one's emotions, not by avoiding them. I love reading magical realist stories as they are full of rich visuals and metaphors. And I feel that this story allows me to express my love for the unusual and bizarre. I’ve always wanted to create a world within a film that feels very real and relatable yet has a magical element that doesn’t feel out of place and hence makes it a very effective tool to convey a metaphor. I want to keep the audience engaged by creating a sense of intrigue, playing off of their curiosity of wanting to know what happens next.


Manav Shah is an up-and-coming writer and director hailing from Ahmedabad, India. Raised in a household that revered the cinematic experience, Manav found himself drawn deeper into the intricacies of filmmaking. He has worked on multiple short films to hone his skills as a storyteller. Manav's ultimate aspiration is to helm big-budget commercial feature films that encapsulate deeply personal narratives, authentically reflecting his distinct voice and vision.

Key Cast

Bryan K Bender

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