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May 2024

The First Day (Of The Rest Of Your Life)

The First Day (Of The Rest Of Your Life)



Selen Inworld
Selen Inworld


KarmaZen Production

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"The first day of the rest of your life" usually refers to a new beginning, full of promise and hope. But what if that first day was actually a repeat of the previous days, or worse, a nightmare? This machinima speaks of the fears, beliefs and fantasies that invade us in the face of the unknown. And the courage it takes to overcome them, mobilize and move forward. Because no matter what anyone says, the first day of the rest of your life remains a mystery...

Submitter Statement

My best film is the next one!

Selen is a French digital artist. She grew up with an architect, painter and sculptor father, maybe that's why she has always loved art in all its forms. She tried her hand drawing, painting (watercolor) and sculpture (clay) when she was younger. Then later she discovered different immersive platforms of the Metaverse and with them endless possibilities to create digitally. 

She was introduced to many multimedia tools, from those of Adobe's creative cloud to Krita, Gimp and others. This is how she started to create and develop her own universe, through digital photography, mixed media works, installations including 3D digital sculptures and videos/machinimas. She defines herself as a storyteller and an explorer. Also a dreamer. She follows instinctively and emotionally her inner journey, always in motion to experiment, discover, question, juxtapose.

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Selen Inworld

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