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May 2024

Unsinkable Mac

Unsinkable Mac



Heather Lynn Barcelo
Calvin Joel Seetin


Heather Lynn Barcelo

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A fifty-something retired, part-time truck driver appreciates his mundane routine. However, nightmares of the war haunt him. Nothing could have prepared Mac or his trusty, aging truck for the terrifying plunge ahead. "Unsinkable Mac" is an imaginative animated short based on the sole survivor of the 1980 Sunshine Skyway Bridge Collapse. (approximately 9 minutes)

Submitter Statement

Heather Lynn Barcelo, A native of Long Island, New York, attended SUNY Purchase Film School, graduating in 2013. Known for her artful application of fundamental techniques of art and film, she was chosen by Mitski to direct her music video "Because Dreaming Costs Money, My Dear" in 2013. In 2015 she completed "Six of Swords", an ambitious, independent short. Heather currently resides in rural North Carolina with her boyfriend and 9 dogs.

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