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May 2024

The Girl From The Village: A Story Of Hope

The Girl From The Village: A Story Of Hope



Billy Surges


Brett Weiss

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Join us on a journey of educational hope for students in poverty-stricken Kenya. Surging Films teams up with The Weiss Scholarship Foundation to bring the stories of various Kenyan scholarship recipients, hopefuls, and alumni to the forefront. In particular, we follow Christine Akoth's journey as she travels from Kenya to America in hopes to fulfill an educational journey at Elmhurst University. Getting their start in Dago, Kenya, The Weiss Scholarship Foundation’s mission is to empower children with the gift of education while working to build a world where every child gets a great education.

Submitter Statement

A Statement From Brett Weiss of the Weiss Scholarship Foundation: We are working to give real hope to these children, their families and the entire village with the help of child education sponsorship in Kenya. We believe that we can empower children by creating a world in which every child has access to a better education—and, in turn, they will help improve lives by passing on a positive legacy of enrichment and hope. Please consider donating today. visit for more information.

Billy Surges is an actor, director, and filmmaker born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. His production company, Surging Films & Theatrics, works on indie films, tv pilots, and documentaries around the world. Getting his start on Ramin Bahrani's "At Any Price", Surges has made a name for himself in Chicago and on the indie festival circuit. His new tv pilot, 88, has won multiple awards at festivals across the world. He is hoping to raise awareness and help the students of Kenya achieve their hopes and dreams through education. Contact him via

Key Cast

Christine Akoth

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