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May 2024





Bach Tran
Bach Tran


William Palizo

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Two artists discuss the essence and challenges of creativity.

Submitter Statement

Made whispers a poetic truth about our intertwined destinies with the digital kin we birth. Each frame of Made sings a ballad of collaboration, a sonnet to the union of human and artificial spirits. It was made to call forth the dreamers, the creators, and the thinkers to witness a convergence of intellect and algorithm, crafting a future painted in the hues of shared creation. It is challenging us to transcend the dusk of trepidation and sail into a dawn where machines awaken not as our successors but as partners in the endless journey of creativity. If life imitates art and art imitates life, does that mean there is no art without life?


Based in Dallas, TX, Bach is a first-time filmmaker with a rich background in visual communication and art. During his completion of undergraduate studies at Texas A&M University-Commerce and earning a Master's in Art from the University of Texas at Dallas, he has spent over a decade honed in the world of advertising and commercials. His experience directing numerous commercial projects has imbued him with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of visual storytelling, which he brings to his debut short film, "MADE."

Key Cast

Katie Otten

Frederick J Todd

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