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May 2024





Marcos Ortega-Morales
Marcos Ortega-Morales


Marcos Ortega-Morales, Jane Morales

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Spanish-American filmmaker Marcos Ortega-Morales invites you to experience Spain’s most iconic celebration. 

“SEMANA SANTA - SEVILLA” is a narrative feature/documentary that transports you to the streets of Sevilla, where you will live the passion, love, and respect that the city feels for this tradition that began in the 1300’s. 

You will experience a week where the smell of incense, the epic music, the iconic images, and the brotherhoods warm and fill the hearts of those who are fortunate to live it. “SEMANA SANTA - SEVILLA” is a film that carries the passion of this grand celebration, and one that will share that same passion with you.

Submitter Statement

Welcome to an extraordinary cinematic experience with "SEMANA SANTA - SEVILLA," a feature documentary that invites you into the heart of one of Spain's most vibrant and historic traditions. "SEMANA SANTA - SEVILLA" is more than just a film; it is an immersive journey into the soul of Seville during its most iconic celebration. This documentary weaves a vivid tapestry of emotion, tradition, and community spirit, encapsulating the profound respect, love, and devotion that the people of Seville hold for their cherished Semana Santa, a tradition with roots stretching back to the thirteenth century. 

As you watch, you'll be transported to a world where all senses are engaged: the air filled with the rich scent of incense, the resonant melodies of sacred music, the striking images of elaborate processions, and the close-knit brotherhoods that pulsate with the heartbeats of countless devotees. Each frame is crafted to not only showcase the grandeur and beauty of these celebrations but also to offer a deeper understanding of their millennia-old significance. Join me, Marcos Ortega-Morales, in experiencing "SEMANA SANTA - SEVILLA." Let yourself be moved by the fervor and passion of a week where tradition fills the streets and captures the hearts of all who witness it. This is not just a viewing; it's an opportunity to live and breathe a part of Spanish heritage, beautifully preserved and passionately continued through generations.

I am Marcos Ortega-Morales, a Spanish-American filmmaker dedicated to capturing the essence of cultural phenomena through the lens of my camera. 

I'm a young filmmaker whose love for cinema sparked at the age of six. Even as a child, I was captivated by the magic of storytelling through film, writing, directing, producing, and editing. These were never considered hobbies but calls to a future I deeply desired to explore. 

My filmmaking journey started in the living room of my childhood home, using nothing more than a primary camera and an imagination brimming with ideas. Over the years, I have dedicated myself to refining my craft and understanding the nuances of cinematic expression. I've taken numerous classes, each opening my eyes further to the complexities and beauties of filmmaking. 

Each project has been a learning experience, pushing me to challenge my limits and expand my capabilities. My films are more than just assignments; they are manifestations of my dedication and a preview of the filmmaker I aspire to become. 

I've spent countless hours writing scripts, managing my own sets, and editing footage, ensuring that every piece of content I produce is extraordinary; I have dedicated myself to learning every aspect of filmmaking. From taking numerous classes at the New York Film Academy, FilmGate Miami, and last summer at UCLA to continuously writing and filming, I have embraced every opportunity to sharpen my skills and expand my creative horizons. My portfolio now includes several short films and a feature documentary, which I’m presenting on this platform. I’ve seen each project as a stepping stone towards growing and learning the art. 

I dream of attending a renowned film school where I can further hone my craft, surrounded by peers and mentors who share my passion and drive. I aim to not only continue my education but also to grow as a storyteller and filmmaker, working tirelessly to turn my dreams into reality. I am eager to learn from experienced mentors and collaborate with peers who share my passion and drive for storytelling.

 Join me in my experience through the stories I've crafted, the visions I've brought to life, and my journey. I am excited to share my work with you and hope it resonates with your spirit as much as it has with mine. 

Each frame is infused with my ambition and dreams, each story a step toward achieving my goal of becoming a successful filmmaker.

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