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Award Winner

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May 2024

Sensitive Generation

Sensitive Generation



Seung-il Chon


Run Time:


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Awarded Category(s)

This short animation is an experimental work that recreates my existing drawings, digital painting, and 2D animation, which were produced under the theme of environmental problems and social trauma using image generative AI technology. "Sensitive Generation" is an aesthetic and methodological experiment on the subjective, emotional, human, and exclusive use of AI technology for image and video generation.

Submitter Statement

In particular, I did not rely on Large Language Model(LLM) or Dataset in the production of this work. For the implementation of this concept of AI art, I reinforced the originality of the work by using only my visual creation without using the reference image provided by the AI platform with generator and discriminator data in image generation by the GAN(Generative Adversarial Networks) algorithm.

Chon Seung-il graduated from College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University, and Graduated from Dongguk University Graduate School. He is an animation and automata director at Automata Factory. Chon Seung-il created the independent animations 

Tomorrow Human (1994) 

Pencil Story (1995) 

Circulation (1996) 

We Love You (1997) 

MIMESIS TV (2000) 

Cosmic Tree (2003) 

Cold Blood (2004) 

Memory of May (2007) 

My War (2013) 

Korean GENOCIDE (2021) 

Expanded Coexistence (2022) 

Boy of May (2022) 

His animation has been shown at world-renowned film festivals including: 

Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen 

Tehran International Short Film Festival 

Rome Independent Film Festival 

Ottawa International Animation Festival 

International Short Film Festival 

Berlin International Festival of Animated Films 

AniFest Trebon 

Hiroshima International Animation Festival 

Busan International Film Festival 

Jeonju International Film Festival 

Seoul Independent Film Festival 

Hong Kong World Film Festival 

Japan International Film Festival 

Budapest Film Festival 

Prague International Film Festival 

Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival 

Kiez Berlin Film Festival 

Roma Short Film Festival

and has won several awards.

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