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Festival Season:

April 2024

Third Eye

Third Eye



Tatiana Becquet Genel
Tatiana Becquet Genel


Jean-Pierre Larcher

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Awarded Category(s)

A wandering photographer in the streets of New York unexpectedly forms a connection with a Love Doll around a photographic project tracing the life of a couple made of both flesh and silicone. Fanny, a journalist, discovers a mysterious photo album at a flea market, revealing the life of Christiana, an unknown photographer who disappeared in obscure circumstances in New York. In search of the truth, Fanny finds the gallery owner in Paris exhibiting Christiana's strangely captivating works. Self-portraits, installations, and scenes with a Love Doll. From these exhibited photographs and this photo album, emerge the daily life of Christina's work and the experience of a life dedicated to photography. Opening the doors to a strange and captivating photographic world and the reality of an artwork. Each image could hide a sinister secret.

Submitter Statement

3ème Oeil (LM 90min 2024) Cérémonie Secrète (LM 90min 2022) Boulevard du crépuscule (CM 24mn 2021) Female Trouble (CM 20mn 2021) My days with my Love Doll (CM 15mn 2020) Prédateurs (CM 15mn 2016) Lilith (CM 30mn 2014) Rebecca (CM 44mn 2013) Je (CM 24mn 2012) Les chiens jaunes (CM 30mn 2009) Voyage au printemps (CM 15mn 2007)
After studying cinema and theater, Tatiana Becquet became a photographer. For years, she produced photographic series centered around femininity. She also worked as a camerawoman and editor on most of these films and documentaries. Since 2007, Tatiana Becquet has directed numerous fictional short films. Coming from a very disadvantaged background, she left her mark on her autobiography from her first film with recurring themes, while exploring different cinematic genres. In 2013, she directed a medium-length film titled "Rebecca," featuring Michel Bouquet. Michel Bouquet encouraged her to co-direct her first feature film with him, a social fable titled "Secret Ceremony." During this time, she developed the feature film "3rd Eye," which explores photographic creation around the works of two great photographers, Vivian Maier and Cindy Sherman. It represents a return to photography, her first passion, and establishes a connection between these two prominent photographers.

Key Cast

Zoe Bensimon 

Julia Vidal 

Valerie Moinet 

Tatiana Becquet Genel 

Other Credits

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