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Festival Season:

April 2024

Now or Never!

Now or Never!



Balazs Loth
Mark Kis Szabo, Philip Rakay, Vajk Szente


Zoltan Csincsi, Peter Fulop, Laszlo Krisko, Philip Rakay

Run Time:


Awarded for the following Category(s):

Awarded Category(s)

On March 15, 1848, a young firebrand poet, Sandor Petofi ignites the Hungarian Revolution with his passionate ‘National Song prompting the Austrians to dispatch a ruthless secret agent to assassinate him and suppress the uprising.

Submitter Statement

Key Cast

Nandor Berettyan - "Petofi Sandor"

Sara Mosolygo - "Szendrey Julia"

Balazs Koltai Nagy - "Jokai Mor"

Tibor Feher - "Vasvari Pal"

Lajos Otto Horvath - "Farkasch"

Other Credits

Music: Robert Gulya
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