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April 2024

Stork of Hope

Stork of Hope



Alexander Franskevich-Leie
Alexander Franskevich-Leie


Alexander Franskevich-Leie, Tomer Mecklberg

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In the early days of World War II, two Jewish brothers lost their parents during the Nazi invasion of Belarus. The boys were imprisoned in a German hospital and found many of their peers there. They were kept in inhuman conditions - hunger, cold, lack of sleep and rest. The only thing the boys had, their treasure - was a family portrait with mom and dad. Before the fascists separated brothers, each of them got half of it. They will carry this treasure through their struggles and obstacles so that one day they can finally reunite.

Submitter Statement

A constant reminder of the tragedy of the Second World War has always been close to me. When my mother was only 4 years old she was in a Nazi camp in Belarus with my grandmother. We always celebrate the end of World War II as a major holiday. Freedom Day. Being a film director and producer, I constantly felt the need to tell about these terrible events by myself. One day I saw a TV show about two Jewish brothers who were separated during the war and met only 65 years later. It was a heartbreaking and touching story. It reflected my Belarusian heritage, its heroes and traitors, and the pain that my relatives went through. I decided this was the story through which I could express my feelings. I want to remind everyone of the mercy that everyone who wants to call himself a human being must show. And it does not matter what country he lives in, because humanity, kindness, and mercy have no nationality.
Alexander is an experienced director, producer, and screenwriter. He is also a professional actor with experience in theatre. He graduated from the Polish Academy of Film and Television and then completed postgraduate studies at the Academy of Film and Television in Germany. he has a teaching experience as an assistant professor in Germany. Lives and works permanently in Germany. Co-operates with the Israeli film company ASIOFILM. A director and producer of over 25 television series, he is now focusing his career on feature films, and The Stork of Hope is his first feature film.

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