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April 2024

All The Eyes

All The Eyes



Mohammad Abedi
Mohammad Abedi


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Awarded Category(s)

"All The Eyes" is the story of the lives of children whose geographical determinism has created many obstacles for them to achieve their dreams. Children who live in one of the deprived areas of Iran. Kotij. A city of 6,000 people located in the southeast of Iran.


Submitter Statement

Narration illuminates the real manifestations of truth.
Mohammad Abedi is an Iranian novelist, screenwriter and child activist. He is a teacher of Western philosophy and Persian literature. Mohammad Abedi's activity resume: 1-"Lictor" Book - Maya Publications (in Iran), Supreme Art (in USA), Edilivre (in France), Photo Travel (in Italy), Hermes (in China), FlyDreams (in India), Rhino publishing (in Norway), BoD (in Sweden), Yeni insan Yayinlari (in Turkey) 2- "Bittern" Book - Hermes Publishing (USA) 3- All the Eyes film 4- Founder of Teachers Against Poverty organization 5- "Howl" Screenplay - More than 35 wins & nominations 6-"Emund" Screenplay - 10 wins & nominations 7- Translator of Hans Bertens's "The idea of the postmodern: a history" book (Afraz Publications) 8- Founder and chief editor of Hermes Magazine 9- Founder of the Dissolve Magazine 10- Translator of Douwe Fokkema's "Literary History, Modernism, and Postmodernism" book (Roozgar Publications) 11- Member of the editorial board of Chook Literary Magazine 12- Translator of Rokhnegar magazine 13- Translator of Chameh magazine 14- Translator of Barge Honar magazine 15- Translator of Bimohaba magazine

Key Cast

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Cinematographer: Mohammad Amin Barani
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