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April 2024

TIME II: Unfinished Business

TIME II: Unfinished Business



Fox Rich
Rob G. Rich, Daniel Lafrentz, Joshua Montrel


Rob G. Rich, Daniel Lafrentz, Joshua Montreal

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TIME II Unfinished Business witnesses the return of the love-bound protagonists of the Oscar-nominated documentary, TIME (2020). Sibil Fox and Robert Richardson are back, ready to share the next chapter of their journey in their unique and unapologetic voices in this gripping, no-holds-barred tale of love and justice. TIME II Unfinished Business plunges us headfirst into the aftermath of their fight for freedom. Rob's release from Angola after 21 grueling years only marked the beginning. The battle rages on for their nephew and fall partner, Ontario, who remains unjustly imprisoned. Fueled by their newfound freedom, Fox and Rob confront the brutal realities that come with their unwavering commitment to liberate their nephew and honor the sacred promise they made to Rob's sister over two decades ago - to bring her baby boy home. TIME II Unfinished Business thrusts you into a world of raw emotion, unyielding determination, and the relentless pursuit of freedom. The film is an unflinching view of the lengths these extraordinary individuals will go to in order to alter their family's fate and rewrite the course of history.

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Submitter Statement

"To be free is to free others." Since walking out of prison in 2002, this statement has consumed me. And in my efforts to liberate others, I have discovered no greater means than the art of storytelling through film. It is with great humility and gratitude that I submit my film project, "Time II: Unfinished Business," for your consideration. This project is the realization of a promise made and a commitment fulfilled, caught on camera. It is born out of the belief that stories have the power to right wrongs and foster just outcomes. Through the unflinching lens of this documentary, I aim to shed light on the struggles and racial biases that those helplessly entangled in the criminal justice system endure in their attempts to make amends. Additionally, I strive to capture the essence of personal transformation, the complexities of rebuilding lives, and the profound impact of love, family, and community in the lives of the condemned. Through intimate storytelling and immersive visuals, I hope to evoke empathy, challenge preconceptions, and inspire audiences to question the very foundation of our justice system. I am privileged to have had the opportunity to embark on this cinematic journey, to collaborate with a dedicated team of artists and storytellers who share my vision. Together, we have poured our hearts and souls into this project, driven by a collective desire for social change and a world where justice is truly equitable. It is my sincerest hope that the Sundance Film Festival program committee will consider "Time II: Unfinished Business" for inclusion in the 2024 lineup — as it is not just a film, but a call to action. By amplifying these narratives, we inform the masses, drum up empathy, and pave the way towards a more just and compassionate society. Thank you for your time and consideration. It is my honor to share this film with Sundance, as I believe that collectively, we take meaningful steps to usher in a world where freedom, justice, and the pursuit of happiness are not just dreams but a reality for all.
Fox Rich is an autodidactic documentarian who first captivated audiences in the incomparable Garrett Bradley-led Oscar-nominated film TIME (2020), which made its world premiere at Sundance. Fox Rich is a skilled wordsmith, gifted orator, and natural-born storyteller. In 1997, her world was turned upside down when an ill-intentioned investor unexpectedly pulled out of a business venture, sending her and her husband, Robert Richardson, spiraling to regain financial solvency. In response to this heartbreaking setback, Fox and Rob did the unimaginable - they robbed a bank. Subsequently, Fox would spend the next 21 years and 4 days fighting tooth and nail to secure Rob's freedom. Throughout this arduous journey, her camera became her steadfast companion, ceaselessly capturing candid and vulnerable moments that laid bare the raw truth of her family's existence. These video diaries became a lifeline and beacon of hope as Fox documented every step of the way, yearning to share with Rob the precious moments he was unjustly forced to miss. Rich's sacred diaries not only gave her meaning in her suffering but also garnered her praise for her significant contribution to what is now hailed as one of the "top 50 films of the century" and one of the "25 most defining works of the black renaissance," according to The Hollywood Reporter and TIME magazine, respectively. TIME (2020) was indeed a gift to the world, and TIME II: Unfinished Business is first an ode to Bradley and the amazing team of co-conspirators that made it possible. Secondly, TIME II is an offering to audiences who fell in love with TIME, an opportunity for love to once again bring us back together. Prepare to be provoked, to have your emotions stirred, and your perspectives challenged as you bear witness to the extraordinary directorial vision of Fox Rich. Her recordings expose the harsh realities of our society, forcing us to confront uncomfortable truths and inspiring us to take action. This is an opportunity to experience cinema that transcends entertainment, leaving an indelible mark on your conscience and sparking meaningful conversations that can ignite systemic change. Today, Fox stands not just as an author, advocate, and motivational speaker, but also as a social entrepreneur with over three decades of experience shining a light on the dark corners of social injustice through her compelling documentaries. Her work serves as a powerful reminder that the fight for justice never ends and that the human spirit can prevail even in the face of unimaginable adversity.

Key Cast

Rob G. Rich, Fox Rich, Ontario Smith

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