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April 2024

A Way of Life: East Texas Cowboys

A Way of Life: East Texas Cowboys



Curtis Craven


Curtis Craven

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The East Texas cowboys, with the help of their remarkable cow dogs, carry on a unique tradition—forged in the forests, soggy bottomlands and pastures of the region. The observational documentary, A Way of Life: The East Texas Cowboys follows a group of daywork cowboys and their dogs, a family of horse trainers and the controlled chaos of an auction house located in the heart of Texas cow-calf country.


Submitter Statement

Director’s Statement: A Way of Life: East Texas Cowboys is the result of a three-year effort. Working alone, spending days in the field, I was able to embed myself in this unique cowboy culture. The subsequent film provides a rare, sometimes lyrical, glimpse into a little-known corner of the American mythos.
Curtis Craven is a seasoned independent filmmaker living and working in East Texas. He has produced/directed numerous PBS documentaries with an emphasis on the culture, history and ecology of Texas and Mexico. His previous films include, The Lost Grave of James Coryell (30:00), Life in the Logwoods: The East Texas Timber Legacy (60:00), and Koo-hoot Kiwat: The Caddo Grass House (30:00), Vanilla: The Sacred Orchid (30:00). A Way of Life: The East Texas Cowboys is his most recent film.

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