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April 2024

Sublimation Nation

Sublimation Nation



Roland Paul Marconi, Gary Null
Gary Null


Gary Null, Richard Gale, Valerie Van Cleve

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America and much of the developed world are confronted by a silent epidemic that ultimately ensnares human lives in despair and dependency. This is not merely a narrative of chemical imbalances associated with drug, alcohol and other substance abuses. Beyond the familiar landscape of addiction, other seemingly insatiable cravings such as co-dependency, victim-hood, the intoxicating allure of power and fame and the dopamine surges of social media indulgence also affect the health and well-being of millions of people. In this documentary, we explore addiction in its often unrecognized forms, renowned therapists and experts in several related fields provide profound understanding, coping mechanisms and most importantly, solutions for escaping the grasp of negative habits that have too often become socially acceptable while causing serious damage to so many lives.

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Key Cast

Bruce Lipton, Gary Null, Alberto Villoldo

Other Credits

Editors: Roland Marconi, Valerie Van Cleve
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