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April 2024

The Ordinary in the Hidden

The Ordinary in the Hidden



Swen Werner
Swen Werner


Swen Werner

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The Ordinary in the Hidden, where the veils of time are lifted to reveal startling truths. In the misty corridors of Victorian London, cryptograms tucked away in 'The Times' challenge the modern mind. These seemingly indecipherable messages, once considered the whispers of an era long past, now resonate with new life in the digital age. This film intertwines ancient philosophy with the enigmatic art of cryptography, setting a stage where the theories of yesterday become the digital revelations of today. As the narrative unfolds, we're drawn into a labyrinth of history and mystery, where Pythagoras' musings on numbers and existence dance with the digital zeitgeist of our time. The fates themselves, caught between whimsy and destiny, traverse our world and others, challenging the essence of reality. From the icy graves of the HMS Terror and Erebus to the cosmic musings of Einstein, this tale contemplates existence across the ebb and flow of time.

Submitter Statement

Captivated by the seismic shifts in technology, such as blockchain and AI, I find they challenge us to deepen what makes us truly human. What emerged is at this intersection of art and tech which led me on a different path of thought and feeling. It’s a journey that is infinitely enriched by your company, reminding me that I do not travel alone.
I'm passionate about people, education, and the power of diverse perspectives, particularly in the realm of blockchain. London is home, living worldwide with a professional career in finance now exploring Art-Tech Fusion as part of My Digital Truth.

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