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April 2024

AI Awakened

AI Awakened



Matthew Blakemore
Matthew Blakemore


Matthew Blakemore

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"AI Awakened" is an enthralling short film that unfolds the journey of Matthew Blakemore, who transitions from harbouring a deep-seated fear of artificial intelligence to experiencing a profound enlightenment about its possibilities. Initially, Matthew's perception of AI is heavily influenced by historical films like Terminator, where AI is depicted as a malevolent force destined to overpower humanity. This portrayal feeds his anxieties, painting a grim picture of a future dominated by uncontrollable technology. The turning point in Matthew's journey occurs at the fictional 'Runway AI Conference' in London, a pivotal event that serves as the catalyst for his transformation. The conference illuminates the revolutionary potential of AI in the business world, showcasing applications that promise to transform industries, innovate products, and create unprecedented opportunities for growth and advancement. Through presentations, demonstrations, and engaging discussions, Matthew is introduced to AI's potential to be a force for good, driving progress and fostering innovation. As he delves deeper into the world of AI, Matthew's enlightenment is portrayed through his growing realisation of the technology's capacity to not only augment human abilities but also to empower society to tackle complex challenges, improve quality of life, and envision a future where technology and humanity coexist harmoniously. This awakening shifts his perspective from one of fear to one of fascination and hopeful anticipation. By the film's conclusion, Matthew has embraced the endless possibilities of AI, viewing it not as a threat but as a tool for positive transformation. "AI Awakened" leaves its audience contemplating the potential of AI to reshape our world, urging them to look beyond the fears perpetuated by dystopian narratives and to imagine a future illuminated by the beneficial collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence. --- How was it produced? I used a variety of AI techniques to bring my vision to life. I started with Large Language Models (LLMs) Open AI Chat GPT and Google Gemini for both generating and refining the script, ensuring a compelling narrative. These LLMs also helped create prompts that guided the visual and thematic elements. For visuals, I turned to text-to-image and image-to-image software (Open AI Dalle, Midjourney, Stability AI), transforming words and photographs of the character (me) into the foundational images for the film. I used AI upscalers to improve the quality of the images - worth noting these tools are not 100% useful every time as sometimes they distort the image, so I had to use a variety of them. I then used image-to-video AI (Runway), animating these images into dynamic sequences that carried the story forward. To ensure I utilised all available techniques, I also generated some scenes using text to video using Runways direct to video model. To ensure character consistency, one of the most challenging components, I trained an AI model to adjust the face of the generated images to improve them where necessary. The auditory dimension was crafted using multiple text-to-sound models (Amped Studio, AudioLDM), generating both the musical score and sound effects to complement the visuals. I cloned and edited my voice using Lovo for the narrative. Beyond these specific AI applications, I incorporated additional AI techniques within established software like Adobe Firefly for image refinement and utilised traditional editing tools, such as Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, to assemble and polish the final product. This blend of AI-driven processes and manual editing ensured the film demonstrated how combining human creativity with AI can be a positive for society.

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In directing "AI Awakened," my intention was to craft a narrative that pierces through the veil of fear and misconceptions surrounding artificial intelligence, a theme all too common in today’s media landscape. This film is an exploration of AI’s multifaceted impact on society, portrayed through the transformative journey of our protagonist, from a state of apprehension to one of profound enlightenment. Our story is set against the backdrop of the fictional 'Runway AI Conference' in London, a pivotal moment that marks the beginning of our characters journey towards understanding the ethical, societal, and practical dimensions of AI. Through this lens, we delve into the pervasive influence of media on public perception of AI, challenging our audience to question and re-evaluate their own preconceptions. The ethical considerations of AI usage, its implications on employment, and its potential as a force for societal good are central themes. These discussions are not just speculative; they mirror the current global discourse on how we, as a society, can navigate the advancement of technology in a way that is responsible, inclusive, and beneficial for all. "AI Awakened" serves as a catalyst for conversation on how AI can be harnessed to tackle global issues, improve quality of life, and ensure a sustainable future. Ultimately, the film advocates for a harmonious coexistence between AI and humanity, urging a shift in perspective from viewing AI as a threat to recognising it as a partner in our collective progress. It is a call to envision a future where technology and human creativity converge to unlock untapped potentials. "A film crafted through the integration of more than 15 AI tools, augmented by human creativity and editing," "AI Awakened" is not just a cinematic experience but a journey towards understanding the transformative power of AI. It is my hope that this film not only enlightens but also inspires our audience to see artificial intelligence in a new light, as an ally in our quest to forge a better world for generations to come.
Matthew Blakemore is a prominent figure in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), acclaimed for his expertise in digital transformation and AI strategy. Celebrated for his innovative contributions, he has been honoured with the U.K. Business Award for ‘Tech Visionary’. His strategic involvement in the Advisory Committee of the Innovate UK Bridge AI Program, backed by a £100M UK Government Fund to enhance AI adoption across diverse sectors, highlights his key role in advancing AI technology. Additionally, Matthew is a prolific speaker, having addressed over 15 high-profile global events on AI in the past six months, showcasing his thought leadership. His creative prowess extends to using AI tools to produce short films, displayed at prestigious venues including the European Broadcasting Union, and the Flagey Building (home to the first ever TV broadcast in Belgium) to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Belgian Broadcaster VRT. In his enduring role as a member of the International Standards Organization (ISO), he has been instrumental as sub-editor of ISO/IEC 8183 AI Data Lifecycle Standard, highlighting his commitment to share his knowledge to support the global community in their adoption of AI. His involvement with the ISO, coupled with his contributions to the British Standards Institution (BSI) and his commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, has earned him wide acclaim, including being shortlisted for the ‘CogX Global Goals Impact Award.’ This accolade, along with his decade-long track record of driving innovation from conceptualisation to commercial success, solidifies his status as a key figure in the AI community, dedicated to its ethical and responsible implementation. During his impactful tenure at the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), he invented, patented, and led the development of an innovative AI-driven video classification solution. This tool enables the organisation to produce multiple territory-specific age ratings and content advice from a single viewing. Alongside this, he spearheaded the creation of a multimodal AI tool, developed in collaboration with Amazon Web Services and the University of Bath. This advanced system leverages speech, sound, and visual recognition to identify compliance issues and their severity within videos. At 'Looks Good On Me,' he combined his entrepreneurial spirit with his expertise in AI to transform the fashion industry by reducing online returns by making the in-store experience more engaging. Leveraging image recognition technology with bespoke algorithms, his team developed a mobile application capable of suggesting clothing items from partner retailers' inventories, that go well with the item users photograph. For this endeavour him and his co-founder won the Prince Abdul Aziz Entrepreneurial Award, and University of Hertfordshire Flare Competition. Currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer at AI Caramba!, Matthew continues to play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between the theoretical potential of AI and its practical applications across industries. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and a Postgraduate degree in AI, his extensive experience and expertise make him an invaluable asset for organisations seeking to navigate the complexities of AI implementation and digital transformation. As a speaker, mentor, and strategist, Matthew Blakemore is a sought-after figure for those looking to leverage AI to drive innovation and achieve business excellence.

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