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March 2024

Truth - Live at Convict Lake

Truth - Live at Convict Lake



Carlos Gayotto
Carlos Gayotto


Carlos Gayotto

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Awarded Category(s)

when you close your eyes 

see a light that penetrates you 

or is it you 

Who goes to the light? 

when I say “Jesus” 

a God comes to mind 

or a prophet 

on a cross? 

when I tell you “love” 

the taste is pain 

or flavor 

of freedom? 

when I pray in silence 

my mother hears my crying 

that washes mine 


I just want to give age 

to infinity now 

sorrows are the waters 

of the abyssal 

and live in a word 

recorded in the deed 

and lay me down 

about the naked truth 

I'm human and I'm going to make mistakes 

but I want to get it right 

I long to transcend 

like any and all beings 

I didn't come here 

to repeat patterns 

until dead

Submitter Statement

Hope you enjoy this film, Truth.

Carlos Gayotto (Kk) is an artist who dedicates his life to multi-platform creation through cinematic narratives, compositions or technological innovations. For creating the crowdfunding platform Partio, in 2012, he won the Santander Empreendedor Criativo scholarship at Babson College. As a filmmaker, he won the Audience Choice at the Hollywood Feel Good Film Festival and was acclaimed Transforming Agent of Brazilian Music at the Vivo award, in 2016, for creating the MINIDocs series. As founder of Zoe Films (2005), he has written, directed or produced more than 2000 films. 

As a composer, he released the albums Batista & Bando (2013) and Realize (2021), always bringing together the characteristic of combining string orchestra with his electric guitar, in addition to lyrics that bring storytelling as a key element. Now he adapts the anthem of the Paraíba “Amor Cósmico”, by Oliveira de Panelas, into English, teaming up in audiovisual creation with the artist Pamela Munhoz and producer Conrado Goys.

Key Cast

Carlos Gayotto

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