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Award Winner

Festival Season:

March 2024

ARENZ: The Final Quarter

ARENZ: The Final Quarter



Jacob Phillips


Run Time:


Awarded for the following Category(s):

Awarded Category(s)

Rising from small-town roots to collegiate basketball stardom, Lauren Arenz's dreams are challenged by a season-threatening injury in her last year. As she battles to salvage the rest of her career, Lauren confronts the ultimate decision: walk away from the game of basketball or fight to play in "The Final Quarter".

Submitter Statement

Jacob Phillips is an award-winning filmmaker and documentarian who specializes in sports filmmaking. Owner of JLP Films, Jacob is looking forward to his future in the professional sports field, as he graduates from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a Bachelor's Degree in Video Production.

Key Cast

Lauren Arenz, Kimberly Arenz, Scott Arenz, Nick Arenz, Maddie Arenz, Carson Arenz, Shane Schmeling, Hannah Iverson, Alexis Foley, Kyleigh Fanning, Anna Mutch, Amanda Giesen

Other Credits

Executive Producer: Lauren Arenz

Director of Photography: Jacob Phillips, Bennett Johnson

Sound Supervisors: Reed Theship-Rosales, Marshall Jacklin

Gaffers: Cole Finn, Bennett Johnson

Editor: Jacob Phillips

Sound Editor: Parker Cmeyla

Drone Operator: Jacob Phillips

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