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Award Winner

Festival Season:

March 2024

The Primitive

The Primitive




Run Time:

Alireza Farzad
Alireza Farzad
Alireza Farzad

Awarded for the following Category(s):

Awarded Category(s)

The Primitive is about the life of 3 neighbors who are tenants in an apartment. They are all single. Their life and their apartment's rules changes with the arrival of the 4th neighbor, who got a family and also is a landlord. This film is a post-modern and comedy narration of apartment life and culture in Iran

Submitter Statement

B.A Cinema (Directing) 23 Years old Tehran-Iran

Key Cast

Ali Zarmehri, Hamidreza Dastaar, Hossein Samari

Other Credits

Director of Photography: Benyamin Banaei Nezhad

Editor: Mohammad Mahdi Foroughi

Production Designer: Aida Etasami Rad

Line Producer: Arshia Rahaii

Sound :: Majid Nejati

Music Composer: Kiarash Shahani

Script Supervisor : Zahra Shafiee

Director's Assistants: Mohammad Mahdi Foroughi, Elahe Esmaeilian

Cinematography Assistants: Matin Moadab, Ali Attar

Sound Assistants: Davood Gholipour, Rassa Mohammadi, Mobin Azarmi Dokht

Production Assistants: Zahra Panahande, Sana Meshkin Mehr

Colorist: Benyamin Banaei Nezhad

Bts Photographer: Amir Korooni

Script Consultant : Ali Zarmehri

Graphist: Aida Etesami Rad

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