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Award Winner

Festival Season:

March 2024





Selena Moshell


MikkoMia Productions

Run Time:


Awarded for the following Category(s):

Awarded Category(s)

Submitter Statement

Sangeeta Kaur is a Grammy Award winning Vietnamese American classical/crossover, new age vocalist, composer, performing artist, and producer. In 2022, she received a Grammy Award for Best Classical Solo Vocal Album for Mythologies, making her the first Vietnamese-American singer to ever receive a Grammy for a vocal performance. She has performed at the Sydney Opera House and Lincoln Center, among others] and in 2021 made her debut television performance, "Sangeeta Kaur and Friends", with Jon Anderson of Yes and Jake Shimabukuro, among others on PBS's Front & Center music series. Kaur performed vocals on Stewart Copeland's and Ricky Kej's 2022 Grammy Award Winning album, Divine Tides.

Key Cast


Adrian Hoffman 

Sasha D. Rivero

Emily Crouch

Raymond Ejiofor

Stephanie Kim

Sarah Mitchell

Marlon Pelayo 


Sangeeta Kaur: Vocals

Van Anh Nguyen: piano

Nathalie Bonin: violin

Eru Matsumoto: cello

Marvin B. Gordy: percussion (engineered by Lucas Fehring at Riot Drum Music Studio)

Andrew Synowiec: Guitar and Multi-instruments

Mark Gorman: Bass

Other Credits


Video Produced by MikkoMia Productions

Talent: Sangeeta Kaur

Creative Director/Choreographer: Amy Ryerson

Director: Selena Moshell

DP: Alex Fauver

Stylist: Marie-Michele Jasmin-Belisle

HMU: Cathi Singh 

HMU Assist: Yolanda

Props: Dolly Dagger

1st AC: Brian Hall

G&E team: Joshua Adams

BTS: Marie-Michele Jasmin-Belisle


Executive Producer: Hai Nguyen

Produced by : Shridhar Solanki

Co-Produced by:

Sangeeta Kaur

Mark Olsen

Van Anh Nguyen

Duy Tran

Chief Recording and Mixing Engineer: Gerhard Joost 

Mastered by Eric Con at Independent Mastering

Recorded and Mixed at Studio Hill, Austin, TX

Additional Recording at East West Studios, Los Angeles, CA 

(assistant engineered by Cory McCormick)

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