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Award Winner

Festival Season:

March 2024

The Last Cowboy

The Last Cowboy




Run Time:

Jacob Hightower
Jacob Hightower
Jacob Hightower

Awarded for the following Category(s):

Awarded Category(s)

Ted, a waiter at a wild west theme restaurant, faces a crisis of conscience and questions about his future in the wake of a failed unionization effort, all while dealing with the petulant demands of an insolent customer.

Submitter Statement

Jacob Hightower is a director and writer from Orlando, FL. He graduated from Full Sail University with an MFA in Film Production. His work has appeared in film festivals including FilmSlam, Central Florida Film Festival and Orlando International Film Festival. His short film The King of Christmas took home a Bronze Telly Award and landed him a nomination for Best Director from the Suncoast Student Production Awards, given by the Suncoast chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Key Cast

Seth Thornton, Alessandra Santos, Demetrio SantaMaria, Jacob Nicholas, Bill Jameson, Jennifer Janette

Other Credits

Director of Photography: Gonzalo Betancor

Composer: Matthew Cravener

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