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March 2024

Saudi The Superhero

Saudi The Superhero



Bader Awwad Albalawi


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Awarded Category(s)

Saudi The Superhero is a documentary that follows the cosplayer and costume craftsman “Saud AlHazzani” in his practical and professional life, through his employment and professional gaming career, to the moment he decided to be a cosplayer. Through this journey, with the challenges and changes, the ups and downs, the film sheds light on the cosplay local community which is influenced mainly by the Japanese culture. It also reflects the Saudi social changes going through the different dedicated events that welcomed those special and different community.

Submitter Statement

Bader Awwad AlBalawi is a photographer, filmmaker, and writer based on Khobar, Saudi Arabia. His photography focuses on travel and street with the sense of documentation and observation of people in different contexts. 

His focus as an artist is to communicate his observations, espicially in the context of transition and transformation, to the public through his work, embracing the different perspectives of the Saudi Arabian society. In 2014, he published his first photobook, “Road to the North: 85 Scenes You May Spot on Your Way to the Northwest Saudi Arabia”. 

Albalawi work has been displayed in many exhibitions around the region including: Transitions, Art Jameel Award Shortlist Exhibition, Jeddah (2015), DO YOU TRUST ME?, Bin Matar House, Muharraq (2017), Saudi Seen, Art Jameel, Dubai (2018), For your Inconsidration, Bait Al Salmaniya, Manama (2018), Imprint: Re-imaging Identity, Misk Art, Riyadh (2020), and Amaken, SAC, Jeddah and Dhahran (2022).

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