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March 2024

A Symphony Celebration: The Blind Boys of Alabama with Dr. Henry Panion, III

A Symphony Celebration: The Blind Boys of Alabama with Dr. Henry Panion, III



Michael Edwards, Henry Panion
Lee Shackleford


Henry Panion

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This once-in-a-lifetime, soul-stirring concert documentary chronicles the life of the legendary Blind Boys of Alabama with conductor Dr. Henry Panion III, a symphony orchestra, and a 300-member choir from Alabama's Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), including Alabama State, Alabama A&M, Miles College, Tuskegee University and Talladega College among others.

The group's remarkable career spanning more than eight decades is highlighted in this collage of musical performances, captivating interviews, and rare photos. Hailed as "Gospel Titans" by Rolling Stone magazine, the beloved group has collaborated with everyone from Mavis Staples to Stevie Wonder to Prince and has performed on the world's most prestigious stages, from Broadway to the White House.

Submitter Statement

"It's all about hope. The Blind Boys of Alabama represent what they see as a great potential for our country and our people." -- Henry Panion, Co-Director
Mike was given a camera by his parents in sixth grade, and has never looked back by telling stories “through the lens”. Since founding the 5 Stones Group in 2002, Mike and his team have won 18 EMMY awards for their work and are continually hired by the world’s largest brands. Building on that foundation, Mike has expanded the firm’s storytelling work and is creating unique, relevant and story-driven content that positively impacts the hearts and minds of audiences around the world. The place where real change can occur.

Key Cast

Other Credits

Editors: Nate Tomcik, Henry Panion

Directror of Live Recording: Carey Goin

Director of Photography: Michael Edwards

Original Music Composed By: Henry Panion

Music Recorded and Mixed by: James Bevelle

Stage Direction: Tammi McKisson

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