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Award Winner

Festival Season:

March 2024

Effigy House

Effigy House



Deb Ethier
Deb Ethier


Deb Ethier

Run Time:


Awarded for the following Category(s):

Awarded Category(s)

A meditative journey through the surreal inner spaces of the filmmaker’s mind as passing images and thoughts overlap, yearning to coalesce into a concept.

Submitter Statement

"Effigy House" creates surreal interior spaces into which the viewer is inextricably drawn, pulled forward almost on a "train of thought".

I'm Deb Ethier (Rusty Bolt Theatre); animator, musician, graphic designer, writer... Short and micro-short animated films are my passion, (including one-minute wonders) and they range from wacky off-kilter comedies to poetic immersions to surreal noir-inspired nightmares. Lately I've been drawn towards creating surreal experimental (but not abstract) films. All of my films are low/no budget creations!

Key Cast

Other Credits

Music: Diego Samuel Moreno Flores

Art Direction/Animation: Deb Ethier

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