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Festival Season:

March 2024

New Idea

New Idea



Marko Bosanac
Marko Bosanac


Marko Bosanac

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Awarded Category(s)

The “NEW IDEA” is a short animated movie about the inner struggle of a creative mind. Pensilio, Loopito, and Lensio are the characters who represent creativity, research, and production, and they are on a journey to find a new idea. Every scene describes a particular obstacle in the developing process stage of the mind. In the final scene, it will revealed that everything was happening in the head of a teenage girl.

Submitter Statement

"New Idea" is the first film by Marko Bosanac, for which he wrote the screenplay, directed, and handled the production. He has been involved in creative production since 2000, and in 2003, he founded his own company, Fun Box. Throughout his career, he has worked on diverse creative solutions for prestigious international and regional brands such as Coca-Cola, Plazma, Molson Coors, Adidas, and others—a true connoisseur and enthusiast of films, theater, and good football.

Key Cast

Other Credits

Animation: Irena Đekić, Ana Jelić, Nenad Mitrović, Lilly Blue

Storyboard: Mirjana Stoiljković

Compositing: Miloš Žuža

Editing: Nikola Jelenković

Music: Ognjen Milošević

Sound: Ognjen Milošević

Computer Graphics: Nikola Jelenković

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