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March 2024





Carolyn Gair
Carolyn Gair


Ron Hayes

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Zip is an intrepid “rustbot” in a world of found-objects come-to-life. Zip explores the vast expanses of a cluttered and long-abandoned attic, foraging for treasures to decorate their home and hopefully make a friend along the way. When a thieving mouse steals a particularly rare find, Zip drops everything to go on the chase and retrieve it, facing unexpected dangers along the way.

Submitter Statement

I started making art with found-objects about a decade ago and created small characters out of bits of discarded rusty metal, old nuts and bolts, machinery parts, rusty wire, broken sardine keys. I called these characters “rustbots” and decided they had a story to tell. The rustbots are ageless, genderless and communicate via body language. I adore storytelling without the need for dialog, and making stop-motion films gives me the ability to bring discarded inanimate objects to life, giving them both a mind and a heart.
Carolyn Gair is an award winning Canadian filmmaker living in Los Angeles. She has over 30 years of experience in the animation industry as both story artist and director. After years of working with big studios such as Disney, Universal, and Illumination, she started experimenting with stop-motion to explore more personal and intimate filmmaking techniques, including her award winning short FLOWER and recent stop-motion feature RETURN TO KELLOGG. Forage is her 2nd stop-motion short in the Louisville Rust Parade series.

Key Cast

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Director of Photography: Jonas Schubach
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