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February 2024





Raidyn Loki Sputore
Raidyn Loki Sputore


Gwendalina Sputore

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Abused by his father at home and ostracised at work, James clings to a façade of masculine stoicism to protect himself against the fear and embarrassment that threatens to overwhelm him. As these desperate attempts at managing his emotions clash with a sympathetic offer of help, James’ façade will shatter, and he retreats into an outburst of anger that results in his humiliation. Overwhelmed and with nowhere to turn, James will finally open up, finding the acceptance he has always craved and the strength to finally face himself, and his emotions.

Submitter Statement

Reflections is an intimate and personal study on the tensions of modern masculinity for young men. Told through the story of James and Caleb, Reflections delves into the difficulties young men have in expressing themselves. The storm of anger, fear, anxiety, and sadness that can dominate the male psyche, and how vulnerability, as terrifying as it may be, is vital to overcoming these struggles. 

Blending the timeless conventions of the drama genre with contemporary sentiments and concerns, Reflections is a short that may seem harsh and critical of the modern man at first glance. It highlights the most toxic aspects of masculinity as we know it because a true discussion cannot shy away from the difficult parts, but at the heart of the narrative is a deep desire to empathise. An attempt to understand and portray the tumultuous life of a vulnerable young man, and how this has crafted him into the very thing from which he wishes to escape. It is a story that wants to show the power of offering help, even when that help is rejected, and how a genuine desire to be there for one another can be the key to overcoming problems that seem insurmountable.

RAIDYN SPUTORE is an emerging creative based in Naarm, Melbourne. With a focus on topics of masculinity and personal identity, Raidyn explores the intricacies, difficulties, and ever-changing realities of interpersonal relationships - meditating on the need of young men to define and validate themselves through their connections to others. 

Outside of masculinity, Raidyn draws on his years studying philosophy at university to delve into metaphysical topics of identity, humanity, and ethics in a way that is digestible but also provoking, and focused on the new frontiers of today’s advancing technological world. Having just finished directing his first short film, ‘Reflections,’ Raidyn has discovered a new passion for translating his written word into film. The first-time experience of being a director was a challenge, but also a great source of motivation and new avenues for continued growth as a storyteller. It’s Raidyn’s ambition to continue on as both a writer and director, rounding himself out into a full-fledged filmmaker capable of crating stories that transport audiences into new worlds and move them with characters and events that linger on long after the credits have rolled.

Key Cast

Daniel Agur, Huw Jennings

Other Credits

DOP: Samuel Vella
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