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February 2024

Black Girl struggles Triumph

Black Girl struggles Triumph



Vanessa Manago
Carolyn Ayers


Carolyn Ayers

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Awarded Category(s)

The "Black Girl Triumph Documentary" is a film that explores the experiences of trauma and accomplishments of black women. The documentary highlights black women's challenges and celebrates their resilience and success. It aims to inspire and empower black girls and women by showcasing the achievements of black female leaders in various fields. The film includes interviews with influential black women who have broken barriers and made significant societal contributions.

Submitter Statement

Vanessa Manago is a vital ally for emerging leaders and transitioning brands, utilizing visual storytelling and mentorship to help them connect with their audience and build global communities. She leverages her many years as a Broadcast/Film Executive to guide others as they share their stories on screens. Her mission is to use film and video to empower leaders to chart their paths and cultivate flourishing global communities.

Key Cast

Michelle Duplessis, Phoelicia Blagmon, LaKischia Smith

Other Credits

Key Cast Part 2: Kiosha Smith, Grace Ayers, Alisa Francesca
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