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February 2024

Places, Please!

Places, Please!




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Paul Keith Rye
Paul Keith Rye
Paul Keith Rye

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Places, Please! delves into the frantic world behind the scenes of a local theatre's opening night. With the director stuck in traffic, first time stage manager Keith McRay faces a cascade of challenges: a missing actor, a rebellious cast member, an incompetent stage hand and a demanding lead actress. As chaos ensues, Keith must navigate the backstage drama to ensure the show's success, all while dealing with unexpected surprises that threaten to derail the entire production. The film captures the comedic and unpredictable nature of live theatre, offering a glimpse into the mayhem that precedes the opening curtain.

Submitter Statement

Places, Please! is a brief yet compelling exploration of the tumultuous world behind the curtain. With a fast-paced narrative and a diverse ensemble cast, the film offers a snapshot of the chaotic moments that define the backstage experience in a theatre setting. Through the lens of protagonist Keith McRay, we witness the whirlwind of challenges and interactions that unfold in the moments leading up to a live performance. From unexpected phone calls to missing actors and diva behaviour each scene captures the frantic energy and high stakes of theatre production. As a director, my goal with Places, Please! was to immerse audiences in the behind-the-scenes chaos while highlighting the camaraderie and resilience of theatre professionals while enjoying the comedy that comes along with. Through humour and tension, the film sheds light on the intricate dynamics and unspoken bonds that drive the collaborative effort of putting on a show.
Paul grew up in Western Sydney, Australia. Before pursuing filmmaking full time with Sydney Film School, Paul acted in several short films, theatre productions and TVC’s. This nudged him into realising his passion for film production and his potential as a filmmaker. Places,Please! was inspired from his time working as an actor on stage. Paul founded Noel Street Productions with his fellow Sydney School Filmmakers with the goal of producing films that are engaging, entertaining and ideally are produced and made in Western Sydney, a place so very close to Paul’s heart. He has worked on several projects with his fellow Noel Street filmmakers most notably as a producer on Angus Lowe’s The Beast Inside and in various production roles.

Key Cast

Yarno Rohling, Antonia Janji, Cassandra Chloe, Jackson Swain, Eveline Benedict, Christopher O'Mallon

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