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Festival Season:

February 2024






Run Time:

Sanjana Bhambhani

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Awarded Category(s)

Out after 46 years in prison, Anthony Blanks must now re-learn how to live a normal life. But with no surviving family, money or technical skills needed for modern-day living, he is struggling to re-build his life. So he is on a journey to find new family, apply for state benefits, and take technology literacy classes to get by.

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Submitter Statement

This film aims to shed light on the challenges faced by the formerly incarcerated as they re-enter a society they have been detached from for so long. The mental, physical, emotional and financial struggles are seen through the eyes of one such individual, Mr. Anthony Blanks, who is free after almost half-a-century, at the age of 70. But somehow still trapped in a drastically different society than the one he left behind 46 years ago.
Sanjana Bhambhani is a multimedia journalist who has worked with BBC Studios, The Rachel Maddow Show, MuckRock, New York Focus and Velshi on MSNBC. She also produced videos about women from history through which she amassed a large following on social media.

Key Cast

Anthony Blanks, Jeannie Colon

Other Credits

Special thanks: Duy Linh Tu, Juanita Ceballos, Sebastian Tuinder
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